In october, let’s celebrate!

I thank Julie Le Carrer for her kind collaboration with the translation.

Julie Le Carrer – Creator of Movefeel&grow:

FB cover love colors


Yes, the 22nd I celebrate my birthday! And I want to take advantage of this occasion to celebrate this past year with you .

A year that was very stirring emotionally, a year during which I made important decisions of which the most important was to embrace and to share my art professionally.

Even if this path unquestionably pushes me out of my comfort zone, even if the results are not yet up to my expectations, I feel so happy to be going forward on this path! Because this path carries me always more towards my inner unity, and to listen always more to the soft voice of my intuition, which gives me each time more confidence and peace in spite of life’s ups and downs.

One of the great discoveries of this year: the INTUITIVE DRAWING or how to give form to this voice which TAKES CARE of me, LOVES me and SUPPORTS ME. The colors speak, help the words to be registered within me. The drawing stays with me for a while and it allows me to find again my way when I could be losing myself in the meanders of my mental talk. More than anything, a simple glance connects me to the intention or to the message and reminds me that I am not alone: MY SOUL IS HERE

The most beautiful thing is that I discovered I could do it not only for me, but also FOR OTHERS!

And today, I feel full of gratitude and joy, I love what I am living and I would like to share it with you!


Giada love colors

Giada love colors

You as well, you are not alone: YOUR SOUL guards you, TAKES CARE of YOU, LOVES YOU and SUPPORTS YOU. It is true that it is not always easy for us to hear it, especially when we feel disrupted by our environment.

Which message does your soul wish for you to hear presently?

Which are your love colors of the moment?



I invite you to order your LOVE COLORS at the cost of 57€ instead of 77€



Love colours of S.

Love colours of S.



Which is the message of love of the soul of X? ”

Creation proceeds in 3 steps

1. Centering, connection and drawing eyes closed
2. The creation continues with the eyes open, while taking care to respect the original colors

3. Once the drawing is finished, I focus on listening and write the message

The LOVE COLORS are true personalized ENERGETIC CARDS.
Format 18 X 24 cm, dry pastel


Contact :

+ 33 (0)6 60 53 87 23


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